The Packing Saga Continues…


Whoever said packing your Life’s collection of “stuff” was easy, must not have had half of what we do…

Either that or they were under the influence of some intoxicating beverages.

Part of jumping  into the RV lifestyle means that one downsizes their mortal possessions to a minimum.

Which; in some cases, is easier said than done.

Case in point, our kitchen and it’s years worth of collecting “stuff”.

I say years worth because it took years of both Suzie and I adding to the eventual pile of gadgets, tools, knives, etc. that for the most part occupies space in the kitchen area of our 1,200 square foot home.

After my parents passed away, we had an arrangement of all sorts of things from cast-iron to antiquated gadgetry to move over to our relatively large house and kitchen. Some of the “stuff” found new homes with relatives and such. Most though, came home with us.

When we moved from that 2,400 square foot place to our current abode, we passed out even more of said “stuff” in order to not have to pack and move it.

In the short few years we’ve been in South Mississippi, to say that we have ‘added’ to the pile would be an understatement.

All you have to do is look at the photo above and see what I mean…

And that is just the kitchen area.

We won’t even talk about the office.


Our goal is to be out of the Mississippi property and parked in Louisiana by early February. We have a lot to pack prior to that so that when we need to come back and haul the “stuff” to various other points, we can do so easier… as Suzi really doesn’t like my other idea to get rid of it….

Which may or may not involve an accelerant and a match….


Thankfully, we do have help from our friend Jessica (who is really great when it comes to organizing and cleaning) and her hubby.

Here’s a clip of her and Suzie folding fitted sheets… (which is definitely not my forte)…

Till next post…

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