The Joys Of “Stuff”…

Ah, the joys of packing….(Note said with a slight sarcastic tone).

When Suzie and I moved to South Mississippi back in 2019, we went from a 2400 square foot house down to a 1200 square foot one.

At that time there were basically three ‘households’ worth of stuff packed into one.

Yes we got rid of; as in sold, gave away, etc., a LOT of said stuff, but there was still a LOT left to move.

I told her then that the next time we made a move, it would be to either a nursing home or the funeral home. Period.

Well, she must have forgot about that statement I made.

Because here we are going from 1200 sq. feet down to about 400…


You don’t realize just how much “stuff” you accumulate in your life until you have to pack it up and move.

To say that we have a rather copious amount of “stuff” might be an understatement.

There are 2 metal shop buildings, 1 ‘she-shed’, 2 houses where said “stuff” resides…

And while a good amount has been removed, a pretty decent amount still remains.

Some of this “stuff” hasn’t been touched since we unpacked it four years ago.

Now granted, some of those items are here due to having sentimental value. Other things, are still tagging along simply because at one point, we thought we needed it….

And obviously, if it’s still sitting where we put it four years prior, we don’t.

When researching the RV lifestyle, particularly the full-time idea, there are plenty of posts about consolidating ones “stuff” into smaller and smaller piles. Many will suggest that you only take the “must-have’s”… and even then, such are in much less quantity due to the fact that you are limited by the RV size as to what can travel with you.

However, knowing my wife, she will pack every square inch possible…

And then some.

And that’s ok.

We do what we do to make life enjoyable…

Especially when you’re going to be traveling across the country going from place to place as we will.

And if having “stuff” is part of keeping her happy…

Well… we will continue to carry our “stuff” with us.

Till next post…

Remember to do whatever it is that makes you happy…







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