Going To RV School….

So if you watch YouTube at all, and you’re into or interested in the RV lifestyle, you will find there are a ton of videos that will tell you a lot…

As in a crap-ton of stuff about RVing.

The same can be said about that ‘face-place’ with it’s “Facebook-engineers” that will tell you whatever you want to hear about any given topic related to RV’s.

Before Suzie came up with the idea of doing this traveling thing, I had NO clue…

As in zip, zilch, Nada, about anything RV related.

And when one peruses the ton of information out there- taking it with more than the standard grain of salt, and combines such with actually talking to people who live in their RV’s…


I found out real quick that one of us needed to know more than we did about this thing we are about to live in.

But where to go to gain the knowledge?

In the past couple of months, I have reached out a couple of folks who besides being “influencers” with their own channels, are also a treasure trove of knowledge when it comes to all the nuances of the RV life.

Along with a few others that I don’t follow on a regular basis, they have talked about going to the NRVTA (National RV Training Academy) in Athens, TX and how it really helps folks like me gain that necessary knowledge.

So I reached out to them… the NRVTA that is, and after researching them online and talking to some very friendly folks, decided this was the place that one of us needed to go.

Well, since Suzie is currently in Kenner, LA working, it wasn’t going to be her taking that trip, so I got elected to head out West and see what this was all about.

It was a drive. 8.5 hours from South Mississippi to Athens, TX. However I wasn’t the only one driving long distances there. I met folks from Georgia, Indiana (13 hours), Wisconsin, New Mexico and the like… all of them coming to the Foundations class that is held basically as the potential start to a career as either an RV Inspector or Technician. This class though, was made up of mostly RV owners who wanted a better grasp on the how-to’s in troubleshooting your own rig.

I arrived on Sunday the 8th. Checked into one of the cabins at the Texan RV Park (click HERE for the link) which was well suited for my week long stay. The folks in charge of checking you in were very helpful and went out of their way to make sure my stay; just like every other student who was staying at the park, was a great experience.

Classes were Monday through Friday starting at 8 am sharp…ish. You basically go over the electrical systems, the propane, the plumbing and the heating systems from days 1 through 5. There is plenty of classroom discussion and then after an hour long lunch break, you come back into class for labs- hand’s on and deeper discussion about not only how to check things but where and re-enforcing the why’s.

The class was usually over by 3:30 to 4 pm each day although 5 was the “official” time. Homework of sorts was given. This was to basically go back to your rig and practice what we went over in class. For those; like me, who didn’t bring your RV, they have several outside of the school building you can practice on. Once out, there were plenty of things to do during the week, including having two food trucks on Tuesday and Thursday nights and the “poo class” on Wednesday.

As I stated earlier, this particular class was mainly for RV owners. There were a few who planned to take the full 5 week course and become Certified RV Technician’s. I think the class after us was mainly for that purpose. Oh… and you don’t have to do all 5 weeks in a row. You can split it up to work around your schedule. Like I said, these folks will work with you and go out of their way to help you gain the knowledge you need to either make a great career out of this or like me, become an ‘educated’ RV owner.

Two things I got out of the week I spent there-

1) – there is a LOT to learn about an RV. If you look at what all can and will (at some point) break on your RV, it can become discouraging…. quick. Knowing what to look for and where (along with how to do it safely) is a HUGE deal. You can learn that at the NRVTA.

2) – BBQ in Texas isn’t all about the brisket, despite what the folks what taught the class say…ahem.  To fully understand what I’m talking about, should you go to the school or just pass through the Athens area, try these folks out – E&S BBQ…     order a BBQ PORK potato and skip the sauce. It’s that good.

Oh yeah, if you can’t physically go and take the class, they do have an home-study course you can get and use whenever you can.

For more information, go HERE to the NRVTA website.







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