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Last October, Suzie had the idea that “we” needed to travel for her job…

As in sell the house, store what stuff we wanted or had to keep and travel.

Now I’ll admit that wasn’t exactly what I was thinking of doing when we moved to South Mississippi four years ago.

I mean we just had started to make the move to get into the goat business plus a few other things when she came up and told me she wanted me to join her on this adventure.

To say that that I wasn’t thrilled would be an understatement.

But, if you’re a guy, you know the things we do to keep our wives happy….

So…. I started doing what I call my “due diligence”…

I started to research everything I could about the RV lifestyle…especially living full time in one.

From Facebook groups to YouTube to talking to folks who actually lived in one, you name it, I did it.

And while there is a ton of information out there about doing just that, you also have to remember exactly where you’re getting the info from…

Thus remembering also to take everything with the proverbial “grain of salt”.

If you research RV living on YouTube, you will find lots of people who have become influencers with their channels. These folks didn’t become such with their huge amount of followers by passing along bad information…


And they usually do reply if you ask questions.

And yes, I did. Several.

You will also know by watching their channels that they will talk about a place called the NRVTA or National RV Training Academy in Athens, Texas.

It’s a great place to gain the knowledge you need to have if RV’ing is in your future… especially if you plan on living in one full time.


I researched the place online. Found out they offer an RV Owners class that gives you the basics when it comes to troubleshooting what ails your rig, if and when problems arise.

So I gave them a call.

I’ll admit that I found them to be very friendly and helpful folks to talk with.  They gave me the details as far as class dates and prices, where to find available housing (as I wouldn’t be bringing our RV with me) plus other informational stuff.


I signed up, sent them the requested documents and my money and boom…

I headed to RV school.

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