Hello World!

Every year, you will always see; somewhere on your social media sites whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, someone will always, without fail, say “new year, new me”.

Usually it’s due to a new diet plan, new job, new whatever.

Well… we; as in Suzie and myself, “kinda” did that too…

Just not in those words.

It was more of a ” we’re selling the house and moving around the country in a 5th wheel RV”.


So… while Suzie is at work or sleeping in our new “house on wheels”, I get spend the time doing social media stuff like this blog…

And a Facebook page too, but more about that later.

Basically, we are headed out into the wide world of RV’ing as a “travel-couple” and seeing what al we can find out about the lifestyle, the area(s) we are in, and much more.

So stay tuned and follow us as we start out 2023 in an RV….

There’s no telling what we might share!

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